Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Very strange signs

If they are drivers I am sure that they have a great knowledge of traffic signs (or that hope, we), finally the day is from them as we are guided by the road. I have not so clear is if they will be able to recognize the strange signs of traffic you will see below. Discover this humorous and haunting collection of pictures with some of the world's most crazy traffic signals; and who thought that my country road signs was sufficiently difficult to learn, I I can't even imagine having to suffer some to learn yours.

Traffic signs are not more than signs used on public roads to keep motorists and pedestrians reported on the particularities of each stretch of road. As you know, a reason to represent the language barrier, signs use symbols instead of words to keep the users informed. In fact, most signals are shared throughout the world; developed mainly in Europe and were subsequently adopted by the majority of other countries.

The signs usually display easily recognizable symbols, Yes, but it is clear that not all. In the images that will be then checked that there are signs of traffic that are not only completely unrecognizable, they misinform rather than report, will even see some that are scary. So, maybe these signals do not serve too much for that to inform drivers and pedestrians, but you have to look at the good side of things, there is one thing for what if they are very useful; to get us a smile.

Eh... Tweeting? Oh... Good idea.

In case of fire Tweeting

Mmm, I think I will not go to the left or if?

I think I will not go to the left

Nothing's jump into the void with your bike, okay?

Nothing's jump into the void with your bike

That does have respect for drunkards

That does have respect for drunkards

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