Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Large companies that began in a garage

Known large companies who triumphed in the market but in the beginning, worked from a garage. Many of the large companies that are today the highest indices of utilities and one of the minor indices of human resources rotation.

Companies such as Apple and Lotus cars are companies that started in the place you least you would have imagined if you look at his big hit, but history tells us another thing, history is dedicated to count as many companies such as Microsoft and Harley Davison have begun in a very unusual place.

Here you will find the list of companies that are among the largest companies in the world, but which have started in a garage with very few assets, but with the increased willingness to strive and grow, who knows, soon part of its success is due to start from the simplest and save expenses until their earnings exceed expectations.



Amazon home activities in the year 1994, home as a sale of books online, the company worked in the garage of founder Jeff Bezos. The first book sold in 1995 and also made it from his garage. Amazon is today regarded as the most renowned and biggest Internet online store.



This great company started in the garage of one of its founders Steve Jobs's parents in 1976. It was founded by two young called Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak, who to begin with 30 computers by hand.
Today it is one of the most recognized companies in the world, is considered the most innovative technology is. They started with the LISA computer and thereafter its success was total. Today music players and the Apple Phone (Iphone) is one of their best sellers.



This successful company or even start an own garage, but that its founders borrowed the garage of a friend's House to start working. Its founders, two students from Stanford, Larry Page and Sergey Brin started to create what today we know as most visited website of the history of the Internet.



Microsoft, the company that today in day controls the operating system market. It started in the garage of their founders: Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who founded what is now known as Microsoft in 1975. The first license sold, was sold to IBM for 80,000 USD.

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