Thursday, June 9, 2016

It seems a small car, but when you open the door it surprises you

The use of the bicycle as a means of alternative transport is very fashionable lately. Cities are increasingly filled with these vehicles and it is not surprising, given that almost everything that we offer are advantages.

They do not pollute, we exercise, we save on fuel and we Park them in almost any room. But not everything is so nice and the days of rain or cold, the idea of catching our bicycle, is no longer so attractive.

It seems a small car, but when you open the door it surprises you

The vast majority of us wouldn't change the comfort of our car so easily. But and if there is an alternative that joined the best car and the best of a bicycle? Surely more than one would have another opinion opinion without hesitation.

Amazing small car

Well, because thanks to the Swedish inventor Mikael Kjellman, this utopia is poised to become a reality. Mikel is a man that love the bike, but Swedish, so cold and hard times, climate makes this hobby into an Odyssey.

Confronted with these problems, was working to find a solution, and after several attempts and failed prototypes, born PodRide.

PodRide is a 4 wheel bicycle with a closed frame composed, mostly, fabric and plastic. With the appearance of a small car (very small) the invention of Mikael has nearly all the comforts of a conventional car. PodRide has a height of 145 cm, length of 180cm and a width of 75 cm, which makes it perfect for use on any bike.

With only 75 kg of weight, PodRide can reach up to 60 km/h thanks an electric motor of 250W is fitted. This engine will recharge at home and also will be responsible for feeding the lights of the vehicle and the ventilation system that prevents the windows fogging in winter. 

In addition, PodRide has a small wiper (manual), a seat quite comfortable and the height of conventional cars, a small luggage compartment and a towing hitch. If it were also incorporates a series of and grids that can close or open quickly to refresh ourselves in times of heat and a very soft suspension. 

Retail price still do not have decided, but wants it to be between 2,000 € and 3,000 € to not reduce its possible attraction to the public.

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