Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Incredibly realistic sculptures of marble

Here is a stunning collection of images with some of the most realistic marble sculptures in the world, the level of detail is incredible. The sculpture is one of the most complicated crafts that exist, only a few people in this world have sufficient ability to shape materials satisfactorily, but trying to marble I am sure that the number is drastically reduced

Marble, crystallized Rock formed from limestone rocks, turns out to be one of the most difficult to sculpt since it does not accept corrections; erroneous chiseled and the artist the whole work can shoot one. In addition, another marble problem is that it does not allow to add anything, the sculptures are a splitting of a single block is going by removing that small pieces; come on, you have to be a real teacher to devote himself to sculpture with marble.

No matter if you are lovers of the sculpture or not, knowing how tremendously complicated that it is shaping marble, I am sure that realistic sculptures which will see in the following collection of pictures vain them to impress. In the previous article we have seen the work of an artist who, with a few tapes, could make some impossible decorations, I urged them to you same tried it, however, these works would be a real loss of time; you will see that the difficulty is absolute, only grandmasters can do things as well.

A piece of clothing lying on the ground... awesome


The man without shadow

Sculpture marble realistic - The man without shadow

Toilet paper hard, very hard

Sculpture marble realistic - Toilet paper hard, very hard

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