Saturday, June 4, 2016

The most impressive bridges to be constructed

The Lucky Knot

The Lucky Knot bridge

We move to Changsha, China, where we meet, at the end of 2016, the bridge designed by Next Arquitects. The bridge will be 180 meters long, although actually called wave attention due to its structure, inspired by the Chinese folk arts.

The Køge North

The Køge North bridge

Køge is a coastal town of Denmark which covers one of the main stations of train from across the country. It is there where built this bridge of 220 meters, which shall accord to passers-by for a spectacular view over the city and transport lanes. It is a work of COBE architects that will be released in 2018. 

Thomas Weatherwick’s Garden

Thomas Weatherwick’s Garden bridge

Undoubtedly this pedestrian bridge you will not need much time to become one of the landmarks of London. In beginning it will be completed in 2018, its construction has a cost of approximately $ 275 million and the vegetation will be the main protagonist. Almost 400 metres of travel on the River Thames in Central London will be the creation of Heatherwick Studio.

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