Sunday, June 12, 2016

Incredible sculptures on pencils

Discover the incredible work of Dalton Ghetti, the artist able to perform fantastic works of art on fragile mines of pens. It is a collection of tiny sculptures that the author not only demonstrates their artistes capabilities, but also teaches us that art can be performed on the most unexpected surfaces; If it has a pulse worthy of the most celebrated surgeon (in this case is essential).

We are more than used to see works of art unique and imaginative, the evolution of new technologies dedicated to internet shows us almost every day to new artists whose works are intended to surprise us deeply. In we have proof (light sculptures, paintings on Nutshells, urban art that interacts with the environment...), here you leave you with another test of innovative and surprising art.

Images which will then see are only a sample of what Guetti is able to do:


Pencil key-shaped sculpture


Pencil of alphabet-shaped sculpture


Pencil hammer sculpture

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