Friday, June 24, 2016

New inventions that will improve our lives

In the picture you can see a new trapo-gelatina with a great adherent capacity. Now clean they will come to places that previously believed impossible. Discover this and other curious inventions designed to make our lives a little easier.

Sometimes inventors are not people who leap to fame, or not appearing on television, however their "inventions" can become very famous. The majority of cases are not very complex, and that simplicity is what leads them to success. Good ideas do not emerge from nothing, often appear after many bad ideas that were not forward. On other occasions are ideas based on other ideas that have been improved.

In the field of studies of imagination and creativity, always say that the imagination we have it all, however are very few who materialized them into something concrete. When these ideas are realized are converted into creativity.

Here we leave some inventions that may be useful or not for you. It depends on your age, tastes, place of residence or way of living. But we are sure that all them someone will be useful.

Box with timer; It opens only during scheduled hours. It's over that of eating between meals or spend more time of the desired in the computer, for example.

Box with timer

Pen Wi-Fi. What you write on the paper appears immediately on the screen of your electronic device.

Pen Wi-Fi

This rocking chair is able to take the movement to charge our electronic devices.

Electronic Chair

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