Saturday, June 25, 2016

The rarest and most colourful in the world houses

What could be better than this article's images to talk about color (and above houses rare obviously). As well, one might start by saying that the color is not more than a visual perception generated by our brain after receiving the information captured by the photoreceptors in the eyes; they are responsible for capturing the different wavelengths of light (let us not forget that human beings are a perfect machine, hence we are able to do things like this, and unconsciously).
Here is one happy (because the color is joy) collection of images that show us some more colorful houses and buildings that are scattered throughout the planet. It's buildings which, in addition to the typical functions, are intended to give a different touch and illuminate the gaze of those who observe.
Certainly where I live does not have the charm of the houses that will be then. I guess that for its lucky inhabitants will be all a joy the fact of arriving home. It may be time to take out the brush and give a different touch to my facade (I don't know that my neighbors polled).

Rainbow House, Brooklyn, USA

Rainbow House, Brooklyn, USA

Building colors, Madrid, Spain

Building colors, Madrid, Spain

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

House of colors, Cologne, Germany

House of colors, Cologne, Germany

Friday, June 24, 2016

New inventions that will improve our lives

In the picture you can see a new trapo-gelatina with a great adherent capacity. Now clean they will come to places that previously believed impossible. Discover this and other curious inventions designed to make our lives a little easier.

Sometimes inventors are not people who leap to fame, or not appearing on television, however their "inventions" can become very famous. The majority of cases are not very complex, and that simplicity is what leads them to success. Good ideas do not emerge from nothing, often appear after many bad ideas that were not forward. On other occasions are ideas based on other ideas that have been improved.

In the field of studies of imagination and creativity, always say that the imagination we have it all, however are very few who materialized them into something concrete. When these ideas are realized are converted into creativity.

Here we leave some inventions that may be useful or not for you. It depends on your age, tastes, place of residence or way of living. But we are sure that all them someone will be useful.

Box with timer; It opens only during scheduled hours. It's over that of eating between meals or spend more time of the desired in the computer, for example.

Box with timer

Pen Wi-Fi. What you write on the paper appears immediately on the screen of your electronic device.

Pen Wi-Fi

This rocking chair is able to take the movement to charge our electronic devices.

Electronic Chair

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Most expensive cars in the world

Material goods are often the illusion and the inspiration of the work of people throughout his life, we find as the mansions, jewels and possessions, surround the wishes of children and adults around the world. Cars, trucks or cars, no longer within that group of luxuries that many would like to have.

But well, it is not only to have a car, is to have one of the most spectacular cars which would make a big difference, to be able to walk in a beautiful and convertible costs, where all the details have been carefully calculated, can be one of the night dreams of more than one.

Find here a list of the most expensive cars in the world, these fabulous cars exceed the 3.8 million dollars and the expectations of more than one person.

These cars as well as expensive, are supremely cool and it is worthwhile to take a look.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Another of the more expensive luxury sports car is the Aston Martin One - 77. Valued at 1.8 million dollars. This luxury car was manufactured in 2009 with a total of 77 units. This beautiful luxury vehicle is a two-door coupe and its designer is called Marek Reichman.

Bugatty Vayron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record

Bugatty Vayron Grand Sport

This luxury car is valued at 2.6 million dollars. In addition to being one of the most expensive cars, this car is valued as the fastest in the world.



And finally, the world most expensive luxury sport truck is Lamborghini poison. This super luxury car is one of the more expensive brands of the world in autos, is valued at 3.9 million dollars. Its engine is a V12 of 6.5 liters, this engine has an output of 750 HP and is able to reach 355 km/h.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Incredibly realistic sculptures of marble

Here is a stunning collection of images with some of the most realistic marble sculptures in the world, the level of detail is incredible. The sculpture is one of the most complicated crafts that exist, only a few people in this world have sufficient ability to shape materials satisfactorily, but trying to marble I am sure that the number is drastically reduced

Marble, crystallized Rock formed from limestone rocks, turns out to be one of the most difficult to sculpt since it does not accept corrections; erroneous chiseled and the artist the whole work can shoot one. In addition, another marble problem is that it does not allow to add anything, the sculptures are a splitting of a single block is going by removing that small pieces; come on, you have to be a real teacher to devote himself to sculpture with marble.

No matter if you are lovers of the sculpture or not, knowing how tremendously complicated that it is shaping marble, I am sure that realistic sculptures which will see in the following collection of pictures vain them to impress. In the previous article we have seen the work of an artist who, with a few tapes, could make some impossible decorations, I urged them to you same tried it, however, these works would be a real loss of time; you will see that the difficulty is absolute, only grandmasters can do things as well.

A piece of clothing lying on the ground... awesome


The man without shadow

Sculpture marble realistic - The man without shadow

Toilet paper hard, very hard

Sculpture marble realistic - Toilet paper hard, very hard

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Large companies that began in a garage

Known large companies who triumphed in the market but in the beginning, worked from a garage. Many of the large companies that are today the highest indices of utilities and one of the minor indices of human resources rotation.

Companies such as Apple and Lotus cars are companies that started in the place you least you would have imagined if you look at his big hit, but history tells us another thing, history is dedicated to count as many companies such as Microsoft and Harley Davison have begun in a very unusual place.

Here you will find the list of companies that are among the largest companies in the world, but which have started in a garage with very few assets, but with the increased willingness to strive and grow, who knows, soon part of its success is due to start from the simplest and save expenses until their earnings exceed expectations.



Amazon home activities in the year 1994, home as a sale of books online, the company worked in the garage of founder Jeff Bezos. The first book sold in 1995 and also made it from his garage. Amazon is today regarded as the most renowned and biggest Internet online store.



This great company started in the garage of one of its founders Steve Jobs's parents in 1976. It was founded by two young called Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak, who to begin with 30 computers by hand.
Today it is one of the most recognized companies in the world, is considered the most innovative technology is. They started with the LISA computer and thereafter its success was total. Today music players and the Apple Phone (Iphone) is one of their best sellers.



This successful company or even start an own garage, but that its founders borrowed the garage of a friend's House to start working. Its founders, two students from Stanford, Larry Page and Sergey Brin started to create what today we know as most visited website of the history of the Internet.



Microsoft, the company that today in day controls the operating system market. It started in the garage of their founders: Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who founded what is now known as Microsoft in 1975. The first license sold, was sold to IBM for 80,000 USD.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Amazing curiosities of the mansions of the rich

As if it weren't enough to have an extravagant and giant House, the millionaires tend to give it even more eccentric things, like for example a House with slides or huge movie theaters.

Pool and cinema

Pool and cinema

And to begin with we have this super mansion, which has a special film room, where in addition to watching movies, they can relax in floats within a large swimming pool. Definitely, the owner loves the cinema and swimming pool is clearly a luxury.

Super pool

Super pool

This amazing pool does not need any description, simply is fabulous to spend a good day... good not one but several, unclear if you have and pay you a luxury as well.

Slide and pool

Slide and pool

This luxurious room has a panoramic window overlooking the pool within the same mansion, but if you observe well, you will see that it has a very particular detail. It is the gateway to the slide that sends you directly to the pool from the main room, but too eccentric, you probably divertirías to jets.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The most spectacular churches of the world

The temples dedicated to the worship of the divine have existed since the first civilizacones (thousands of years ago) delivered their different religions. Today we will focus on the Church, which is not but the denomination given to the temple to worship in Christianity, the place where the faithful come to perform acts of devout character. As well, there are churches all over the world, there are huge, small, century-old, modern... in short, almost in any way. So, today I bring you a collection of the most spectacular in the world; places where, in addition to worship, it is possible to enjoy the architecture.

Church of Hallgrímur (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Church of Hallgrímur (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Cathedral of Milan, the Duomo (Milan, Italy)

Cathedral of Milan, the Duomo (Milan, Italy)

St. Basil Cathedral (Moscow, Russia)

St. Basil Cathedral (Moscow, Russia)